Artificial intelligence

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Advancements in technology have come a long way. Today, AI (artificial intelligence) impacts numerous aspects of life in the form of smart devices, chatbots, and self-driving cars.

All of these are designed to understand consumer needs and preferences and deliver customized customer experiences.

It is hard to assess the impact of technology and could it replace humans in the digital marketing field.

It’s true that automated technology is taking over almost every facet of the digital world and will continue to affect certain jobs and roles. Let us learn how AI in digital marketing has been able to work in cohesion.

Why Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is the process of making machines smarter like humans. AI could provide better analytics, decision-making, and information source for all your marketing needs.

When someone mentions automation of marketing, this refers to all types of marketing campaigns on every channel.

Marketing automation takes the capabilities of lead management systems, customer relationship management software, and web analytics platforms to build something better than what each of the parts would provide when added together.

How AI (artificial intelligence) provides a competitive edge to your digital marketing efforts:

  1. Better analysis of consumer data is applicable to provide better prediction of buying behaviors and decisions of your target customers.
  2. With AI (artificial intelligence) the process of personalizing the content for the customer becomes easier.
  3. The marketing efforts are multiplied through AI (artificial intelligence), which provides deeper analysis and helps create better & effective marketing strategies.
  4. The productivity can be increased exponentially by assigning repetitive tasks to an AI (artificial intelligence) system.
  5. The ROI is also increased as data driven marketing allows to reach the right audience.

How to Use AI (artificial intelligence) for Business?

Using AI can help the way you interact with your audience and also track their behavior to provide personalized content to each customer.

Here’s how you can use AI technology to process your customers’ needs, wants, and preferences into personalized customer experiences;


This are the most basic form of AI technology used via various websites. It allows you to respond to your customer’s FAQs and also set a message in response to a question that requires a human response.

In short, they act as a virtual assistant for consumers. Some chatbots also allow you to reach out to your customers through emails, apps, and text messages.

Personalized Product Recommendations

AI in digital marketing & data analysis is considerably quicker and more accurate than any human capability.

The data analysis also allows for compiling a better marketing strategy, that uses various data such as buying behavior, spending analysis, etc.

obtained from the AI process. Many retail and eCommerce brands use AI technology to track their customers’ preferences, habits, and buying behavior.

These insights help them make suggestions on products and services that their customers may be interested in.

How will AI (artificial intelligence) affect Jobs in Digital Marketing?

We may not have to worry about the number of jobs being lost due to automation, as AI (artificial intelligence) has paved the way for specialized requirements of employees who excel in digital marketing to fully utilize AI (artificial intelligence) in digital marketing.

While traditional repetitive marketing jobs will be overtaken by AI (artificial intelligence), marketers will still be in demand for jobs that require a creative and more definite edge.

In conclusion, the scope and opportunities of AI (artificial intelligence) are tremendous and they don’t seem to replace digital marketers, as they will always find befitting roles side by side with automation tools.

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