Lockdown has zeroed the Sales but you can save your Brand.

Looking at a major downfall in the global markets, business owners tend to make decisions to cut back on expenditure. Many businesses are plummeting and in fear of the recession they tend to put a halt on marketing.

A common mistake with Indian business owners is that they see marketing as a liability rather than an investment. Due to this mind-set, the growth or the brand worth of the business decreases. This had been a trend during past pandemics as well. However if a business owner decides to continue marketing, the brand may benefit from it now or in the near future.

During this economic downturn, the marketing gap increases because of the common mistake mentioned above. When competitors take a step back from marketing their brand, the space for your brand to appear more frequently, opens up. Thus making it easier for you to target and engage the specified audience.

People are spending more time at home – watching television, surfing the internet or even listening to the radio and podcasts. The array of available platforms to market your product or service facilitates marketers to reach out to various target groups. Out of which Digital Platforms especially Social Media becomes the hot favorite because:

• You can target exactly the group you see a match with the product/service
• The medium is very cost effective & cost/eye ball is less than a Paisa.
• Output is measurable in every aspect i.e. reach, engagement, CTR, PPC etc.

Now let’s forecast the output in terms of Marketing your brand.

1. Get personal with your customers.

Take advantage of this time to educate your customers of your brand. You can get personal with your customers in order to implement loyalty. Emphasize on promoting your brands USP to increase the probability of conversion.

2. Create Brand Recall

Brand recall plays a vital role in getting customers to buy your products or avail your service. This would be the perfect time to create that recall because customers are less clouded with other brands. Promoting engaging activities on your social media provokes the audience interaction which in turn interferes with the platforms’ algorithm. This tiny change encourages the algorithm to keep showing your posts every time increasing the organic reach.

3. E-commerce will be the new trend

If your brand is one that sells at the physical location only it’s time to switch to digital. Switching to e-commerce increases your sales during this time. Opt for popular delivery companies providing such services as they are more economically friendly.

To conclude, business owners who understand brand development will certainly surface their brand and take advantage of the situation. It is important to note that their marketing strategy should not exploit your customers but rather empathize with them.

Just to end this article on a positive note we would like to mention a statement over here

“To do, there is no excuse but to not do you can have millions.”

Stay home, Stay safe.

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